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Why Weeping Angel?

We’re often asked why the weeping angel is the logo symbol of our charitable work, why this weeping angel and why the angel weeps at all.

The Weeping Angel image we use as our logo symbol comes from a graveside memorial for my great, great grandmother, Maria Louise (Barnes) Hooper who lived in Hingham, Massachusetts and died in 1891.

Over the years our angel has been visited by thousands of people in grief or despair and also by many admirers and artists who simply recognize and appreciate her beauty. To me she is a very beautiful and powerful symbol of compassion.

A brief version of our family story and the history of the Weeping Angel can be found under the History button to the left.

Why our angel weeps is another story, also touched on briefly in the History.

For over 100 years it was assumed that she weeps in grief for the person who died, but when I visited her during a very difficult period in my life and asked her why she cries, I suddenly got a very different answer that came in the form of a poem. Whether she answered me herself or I connected to my deceased ancestors in some way or I channeled the sculptor’s original thoughts, I can’t say for sure, but I do know that when I shared my story, my poem and my artistic images of our angel, people were moved and it changed my life in a dramatic and positive way.

If you read my Poem or listen to the beautiful Song which my sister, Julianna, created and sings, you will learn that our angel weeps for the living not for the dead.

I have since come to believe that all of the pain is here on earth, not in spirit world, and that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe that I chose this family at this time to share this message. I also believe that her tears are not just for the living friends and relatives of someone who died, but for anyone who has experienced a painful loss, felt deep grief, suffered with serious pain or illness or lost their connection to the truth about who we are and why we’re here.  I believe the angel cries for us all because she knows that we do not need to suffer, that we can heal our emotional wounds and that we will feel no more pain or illness or grief when we see the truth too.

Your thoughts and angel stories are always appreciated.

From love,

John Hooper Dean, President
Our Weeping Angel Foundation